I hate it.


Hate it for now however maybe I will get used to it.


ever notice whenever ...

ever notice whenever there's a change, most times it's met with a negative response, lol. sure it's new and different, but like anything I guess we'll get used to it.
and lol, your response says it's filed under "bathroom", LOL!!

I personally like that ...

I personally like that when someone leaves a comment on your own post, that you get an email letting you know so. I have my email linked with my blackberry so I can see your comments right away.

I like the email, too! I ...

I like the email, too! I think it's a handy little feature.

I'm not too keen on the new layout. But like Dawn said, we'll get used to it.

Hopefully they'll make the ...

Hopefully they'll make the needed changes since either I can't view the links..or I just have to learn how to view them.

It looks cleaner..but to me..everything seems to run together.