well, we kinda knew this was her, right?


poor little Caylee, now we know she's gone for sure.  and hopefully better off where she is now, than where she came from.


What I don't understand is ...

What I don't understand is why they didn't work the forensic human remains detection dogs on the property of every stinking family member of this child !!! What a bunch of crap. They would have found her a long time ago had someone been thinking. (no, I'm not saying they should have called me. Kelty is not ready yet for official HRD searches yet although we are closer than we have ever been) I did get a request from the Texas Attorney Generals office and the Texas Rangers though to work a cold case search for them but again, I had to decline at this point. They will call again when we are ready. There are no other forensic HRD dogs north of Houston so we're it. We'll get work but I want to go NOW!! LOL!! In time....in time; don't want to rush things and have Kelty develop a bad reputation by not locating things as he will be able to after another year or so of our intense training. I love it, and he enjoys the work too. He has a blast at reward time. I can't wait to start returning deceased / missing people to their families.