The rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated


That's right Peevers.  The end is NOT near!

Pet Peeves is not going away anytime soon.  We’re here to stay (and hope that you are too).

Iggy is in Chicago this week trying to buy a Senate seat from the Governor, so let me take a couple minutes to explain and update you all further on his behalf.

1) The Rant of the Week was originally designed to temporarily drive more users to the Rant-and-Rave forum.  We used it as a feature (along with the Rant of the Week free-prize promotion) in our weekly emails to our membership data base.  It worked.  Traffic to the
Rant-and Rave page increased significantly.  Although many of the new visitors chose to merely “lurk” and not contribute -- but that's OK too.  After six months (and over 25 prizes awards), as Dawn observed, “it got old.” Without the free prizes, a weekly rant just
didn’t seem to make sense anymore.  It’s apparent that you folks are perfectly capable of carrying on a lively discussion without any further prompting from us.  Peeve On!  You know you want to.

2) Traffic to the Web site remains strong and the advertising revenue continues to make the site profitable.  So don’t worry.  We have no intention of shutting down the site.  In fact, we are exploring new ways to expand the site in 2009 and integrate it into our
overall Pet Peeves business.

3) Finally, let me explain that the primary core of the Pet Peeves business model is product licensing  -- not necessarily the Web site.  You’ve probably noticed on the Web site that we license our Pet Peeves brand name to dozens of licensees who produce and
market products under the Pet Peeves brand.  Honestly, this is how we make most of our money (which is a good thing, since we don’t make any money off of you loyal-but-freeloading Peevers).  For instance, each year millions of our Pet Peeves dog chew toys are sold through over 18,000 retailers nationwide, including leading national
chains such as PETCO, PetSmart, Walgreens, and ACE Hardware.  We continue to sign new and interesting licensing partners all the time.  I’m pleased to announce that a huge deal with Wal-Mart was just signed last month and Pet Peeves products will be appearing on
Wal-Mart’s shelves early next year.
So there you have it:  Everything you wanted to know about Pet Peeves, but weren’t afraid to ask.  Thanks for your concern, but I’m pleased to report that all is well in Peeve Land these days.
Finally, as you know the Holiday season is here.  And what better way to express your Holiday wishes than to send a free E-card to your Holiday list of friends and family.  Just click here ( to get started. It’s free. It’s fun. And you know you want to.  So just do it.  Now.
From everyone here at Pet Peeves, have a Peevey Holiday, and an even Peevier New Year!


<p>HA! I KNEW IT!!! just ...

HA! I KNEW IT!!! just when we thought ya'll weren't listening!
good to hear from ya!!! and BTW, happy christmas and merry new year to you too, LOL!!!

Hey, Iggy, welcome to my ...

Hey, Iggy, welcome to my neck of the woods! Too bad you didn't get that seat in the senate. Maybe next time. After all, Chicago IS known for its corrupt politics (hence the name The Windy City).

Welcome back!!

WHEW! Boy am I relieved. I ...

WHEW! Boy am I relieved. I was sweating that one out, sure was worried...................... NOT!

Thanks for setting the record straight though. Gotta love yer style in doing it too - made me laugh anyway.

Congratulations on the Walmart deal too! Peeve On!

Well, the rant-of-the-week ...

Well, the rant-of-the-week had a prize for the best rant for a particular post. I finally posted to one (the last one)-will anyone get a prize for that one? Not that i'm greedy. And not that I'm assuming it's me.

Thanks for clearing that ...

Thanks for clearing that up PeeveMister...Glad the site is staying..