Wedding Night spent with Bertha and Big Bubba


She and her new hubby got what they had coming to them! You don't drink and drive, even on your wedding night. You don't get a free pass cause you just tied the knot.

I'm jazzed to hear Slappy's view (this is gonna be good). I just wish I could have been an officer at that jail, I'd have laughed at her too and snuck a few pics to show friends. I could careless that she was humiliated, isn't that the point of jail?

I personally think people like this ought to be publically humilitated. I read that a judge somewhere would pass on sentences that included humilating events. I'd like to see her be forced to walk a mall in full wedding gown with a sign labeling her as a drunk.

Jail and probation are obviously not working, so why not try public humilation? It'll sure as hell save the tax payers alot of money!


So did she and her ...

So did she and her cellmates consumate the marriage or what?

LOL, TGIX!! and welcome ...


and welcome to the trailer park, married couple!

or her husbands ...

or her husbands anyway....LOL !!!

I agree....humiliation is a fantastic deterrent. When I was the officer in our high school I would punk kids out from time to time on stuff that would embarrass them. It worked wonders. But these two dipshits, in MY opinion anyway, have NOTHING to bitch about. When you CHOOSE to behave in a manner that the majority of society had agreed to be unacceptable, and you find your stupid ass in jail.....ya HAVE no rights. This backwards ass system of having extra protections afforded to you because you are a piece of shit, is crap. If you ask me, once you find your hillbilly ass in jail, you have no more rights. You may NOT sue for having your feelings hurt or getting your mouth punched cuz you don't know when to close it. I suspect this case will be tossed. Unless there is a liberal pansy judge that decides the folks needed her permission to take her pic. Unless the photos are intended to be used sexually, there really is no crime thats been committed. Another issue may be a policy violation of the jail standards and that could lead to firings. The way many of the liberal criminal friendly judges work in the bigger cities in Texas, they will probably give her some "shut the hell up" money. It will be SOME, but not a massive settlement by any means. I think the whole thing is funny. I'm GLAD their special day was ruined. They could have killed someone. I will bet $ 1,000 right now that if a drunk person crashed their car into the wedding reception hall the bitch would be suing the PD for not doing anything to prevent drunks from driving. Cant ever make this kinda bitch happy. I'll also bet she eats free at most places because she causes such a stink, they just want her to get hell out of the place.