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Ok, So I bought a Pantech Duo off of ebay about a year ago... I FREAKING LOVE IT....but the flex cable that goes through both sliding sections of the phone broke on me. So now I have a Samsung Vue. It has a touch screen, but it still sucks. I tried to search the web to find a replacement cable for the Duo...... and can't find but one, that is $40! WTF!! Why are the part so freaking expensive on cell phones?! Crap, guess I am going to have to just get it, cause the texting on the touch screen (Vue) sucks, and I miss my Qwerty slide out keyboard on my Duo...... Damn.


it's because they want you ...

it's because they want you to buy a new one so they lock you into another two year contract!

Sorry about your phone.

eBay has a bunch of ...

eBay has a bunch of Pantech Duo's. People are always selling old phones and even broken ones for parts on eBay. You just have to be careful it is guaranteed to work on your service (Verizon, Sprint, ATT etc.) and don't buy from anyone who doesn't have a good long solid track record in their eBay Feedback rating.

I agree with WADV....they ...

I agree with WADV....they want you to buy a new one..or those contracts that insure you a new phone if your present one gets lost or broken.

I bought a cheapie phone that works just fine for me. I don't get into texting much so it was fine for me. My contract expires in Sept so I'll get a phone and sign a new contract then.

The biggest problem was..my charger took a crap so I went into US Cellular to buy a new one and was lucky to get the last one in the store. The associate told me that they no longer MAKE the ones for my phone and proceeded to show me new phones..which I didn't need..I just needed the stupid charger.

Used to be that when you bought a certain kind of phone like a Nokia, Motorola, etc, the chargers were universal for the brand of phone you bought. Not anymore..they just constantly keep changing the phones so that you have to fork out more cash!!

What a racket!

Mnolen, drop me a line a ...

Mnolen, drop me a line a friend of mine sells cell phone parts, pretty sure I can get the part you need at a better price. Send any relevent info to rkinne01@sbcglobal.net

Gimme till about wednesday and I'll let you know if he has the part(s) you need.

if she doesn't contact you ...

if she doesn't contact you rkinne...email me and I'll let her know...I have her phone # and email address!

Damn, Dawn! Just give my ...

Damn, Dawn! Just give my info to anybody! Lol, J/K!
PS:The red beans and rice were awesome....THANKS!!