Two days ago it was sunny and 60


I even took BigZ for a long walk after nightfall and with only short sleeves and an open jacket.

Now we have some snow on the ground and are expecting 4-7" more this afternoon and evening with sleet added in for good measure.

It's pretty, especially with all the birds coming to the feeders. I just wish the time would be better. The memorial service today will not be the easiest to get to or back from. It'd be a pity if the weather keeps anyone from coming.

And tomorrow's morning rush hour could get quite rough, glad I chose to work so close to home so the commute is so short it seems silly to even use the word "commute" in describing it. Still, I hate to hear about all the traffic snarls and accidents and there will likely be some who don't survive they're so stupid or because of others on the road. It's hard to feel sorry for the former, those who do it to themselves, but the latter ought not have to suffer because of them. I'd like to see a law that if you wreck because of going to fast or driving on summer only tires or ones with low tread, or in snow higher than the clearance of your car then you'd have a restriction placed on your license forbidding any driving when it snows. People around here who come from other places in the country think we don't know how to drive in the snow. It's an entirely different kind of snow and they don't know it. The news should make a point of that on a regular basis. Our snowflakes have a molecular structure such that they release the water and instantly refreeze as ice the moment your tire presses down on them. That makes for treacherous driving conditions and people think driving those trucks they call sport utility vehicles will get them anywhere just as fast as on dry pavement. Four wheel drive is also everyone's favorite. I have four wheel drive so I'm not afraid of the snow. Yeah, right. Four wheel drive does no better on ice than two and often is actually worse. 4WD is for slow speeds and heavy loads and inclines and varied terrain. It is NOT for snow and ice - period.