John and Kate Plus 8

Is anyone else as sick and tired of hearing about this debacle as I am?

What really bothers me is that the media put these people on pedestal and are now determined to make thier lives miserable. I'm not saying that what these people are doing is right or wrong, just that the media is being too harsh with them. The media is accusing the parents of exploiting the kids but isn't that exactly what the media is doing? People, TMZ, and other outlets think nothing of putting the kids on the cover a magazine to make a few bucks. The media exploits these kids more than the parents could ever possibly hope to as evidenced by all the scum bag paparazzi lurking about.

I'm also upset that Kate is being lambasted for spanking her kids; I would like to say that there is a difference between spanking and abuse. I say good for her, maybe if a few more people let thier kids know who's boss then maybe we wouldn't have all the problem brats out running the streets.

I don't believe that marriage is forever, at least not for everyone. I don't know the circumstances of what has happened in thier marriage and won't judge them based upon knowledge I don't have, its a shame so many people can't do the same.

Lastly, I am amazed at some of the harsh things I have seen people post on forums about these people! I have seen people wish harm to come to John or Kate, to have the children removed from the home, and that the parents should be jailed. I find most of these people are bloody hypocrites, most are probably divorced with children of thier own, having done far worse than these people have. People have to realize that what they're seeing in the media is only a very small amount of information and that information is often unverifiable or down right incorrect. Watching the show doesn't make you an expert either, you can't base an informed opinion on 30 minutes of footage.


"Is anyone else as sick ...

"Is anyone else as sick and tired of hearing about this debacle as I am? "

YES I AM!!!! So much so, that when my wife turns this craploa on, or turns ANY of those idiotic shows on, I either leave the room OR pull open my laptop! It is a horrid thing to watch what the 'journalists' call news, but, as I too, have been reeled in with some of those things, I just say no!

Out here, a few months ago (when I was still working), a FELON was killed AFTER he KILLED a police officer. BEFORE the 'full story' was revealed, a guy that delivered the vegetables to the restaurant I was working, told me the ONLY reason this guy was shot by the police was because he was out looking for work because BUSH took his work away from him! This guy blamed Bush for more stuff than even TGIX! However, I kept my mouth shut on any opinion because I wanted to know more than what the MEDIA said was 'true'. Good thing too, since it turned out he was out of work BECAUSE he was not JUST felon, but because he was ON THE RUN FOR PROBATION VIOLATIONS! He didn't want to go back because he also knew that he had just, the week before RAPED AND KILLED A YOUNG WOMAN! DNA would soon come to put another term onto his sentence!

Did I poiint this out to this guy? Nope, I already knew he would pretend he was NEVER supporting that guy in the first place. Same as when he lost his house to forclosure because they bought a house they couldn't afford in the first place! He TOLD me as much when they FIRST bought the house! But it sure was BUSH'S fault that they had to move out of it when the CONTRACT they signed KNOWING they were out of there league, came to fruition!

No, it is the MEDIA that makes people believe THE stupidest things, and the media that tells people they have NO responsibility to take care of themselves! BLAME someone else! THAT is the true AMERICAN WAY, right? Blame others and laugh at those in more dire need than yourself! That is how it goes!

Oh, and don't forget to season your derision with the basest language to cover your OWN lack of class, right? (hmmm I wonder who I am speaking about?)

don't know about it, don't ...

don't know about it, don't wanna know, don't care to see the show!