Obama lifting ban on Lobbyists? His PROMISED ban?

White House Lifts Ban on Stimulus Contacts
By Anna Palmer
Roll Call Staff
May 29, 2009, 6:55 p.m.

The White House moved Friday evening to loosen lobbying restrictions related to stimulus funds, lifting the ban on federal lobbyists communicating with agency officials on specific projects for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds.

The ban on oral communication now applies only to competitively bid applications on the stimulus package and it applies equally to lobbyists as well as non-lobbyists, according to a White House blog post written by ethics official Norm Eisen.

From the time a competitively bid application is filed until the grant is awarded, the only communication both lobbyists and non-lobbyists can have is through writing.

The White House reiterated its requirement of


The sad fact is that like ...

The sad fact is that like the madam of DC the lobbyists are the only ones with all the connections, all the phone numbers to instantly reach people who can not be reached. It's known as "access" both "inside the Beltway" - inside Wash., DC's silly circle rte 495) and "outside the Beltway", VA and MD where all the people who work in DC live). Without them, nothing would get done. They're the grease that makes the wheels turn. It needs to change alright. Their industry ought to be nationalized based on national security. They can more quickly rouse up a head of state of a foreign nation on the phone than our own President can. It's become quite exactly That Bad. It's time to take back the power from the huge corporations who fund the lobbyists. Halliburton and KGB or whatever they call themselves now, KGR? KBR? I think that's it. Anyway, they're one of the most heinous offenders. Right up there with them are the nuke, oil, and coal lobbyists and then comes Archer Daniels Midland who spends mega bucks on tv ads every year to promote "the family farm". There is no more family farm to speak of. ADM gets all the federal tax subsidies, OUR money in Reverse Welfare, being paid to millionaires, while they operate something like 75% of all farmland in our entire country.

Take away their lobbyists, ...

Take away their lobbyists, who are really brilliant lawyers, surrogate warriors, and they will be hobbled giving the power back to the people not the ultra selfish few.

Wow a politician who went ...

Wow a politician who went back on his word, imagine that.

Wait a minute rkinne. O ...

Wait a minute rkinne. O dumbshit is supposed to be different. He is not supposed to lie.