From a friend - 'On This Memorial Day, The Unsung Hero'

How veterans are treated in this nation is quite debatable. Many of us, I can't dare speak for all, feel as though we, the veterans, are treated like dirt. Being in the military, future unknown, isn't easy. Deploying to god knows where, for only god knows why, is hard. Not knowing if you will live to see the sun set when you get up each day is definitely not easy.
We have holidays to honor us. Most people see those holidays as any other holiday, a day to go grilling, a day off from work, a day to do nothing. Some actually see the holidays for what they are, and honor those who deserve it in their own way, but it is still honoring.
This does mean a lot to this veteran, anyhow. Again, I dare not speak for others, they are veterans they can speak for themselves.
But, a request from a veteran, for all nations.

Regardless of what day you choose to honor your veterans, those who serve and those who died serving, remember, these veterans could not do what they do if not for the support of their wives, husbands, family and friends. For as hard as it is on the veteran to serve, it is even harder on the family to wait, not knowing. To wait for the knock on the door. To wait for their loved one to come home only to find out he/she isn't coming home when it was originally planned. To wait for the loved one to come home with parts of their body missing, parts of their souls missing. It is harder on the children to not have mom or dad home on birthdays and other important days, than it is for us to miss them. We understand why we can't be there, these children often do not know why mommy or daddy can't be there.

So, while you are out doing whatever it is you do in order to show respect and appreciation for the veterans, include the families, who sacrifice just as much, if not more, than the veteran. The person or persons whose lives are just as difficult, if not more so, than the veteran.

Without the support of the wives and husbands. mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, of these men and women in service, they could not serve.


No matter your political ...

No matter your political side everyone shoule be proud and humbled my our men and women who serve our country. Retired soldiers we salute you and to those who are overseas we say to come safely and soon. "God" bless.



I'm going to tear down my ...

I'm going to tear down my wall for a moment and say something from the heart...

On my way to my aunts house for a BBQ, we passed a veterans memorial site. Usually no one is there, but maybe are a few flowers sprawled out on the marble. This time, it was filled with people and there were some older gents in uniform standing behind a plaque - standing next to each other in a row. I will assume WWII given the age they looked. I was overwhelmed with pride and and instantly humbled.

As my mom and I drove passed I found my eyes watering up. I looked over at my mom and her eyes, too, were watery.

I am extremely grateful to those that have served for our country and am honoured to know a few personally.

I couldn't agree more!!

My fiance was in the Navy as a Medic for six years.  Do you think he could get benefits from the VA because he has some serious health issues and needs a secondary insurance??  Nope.  They say he makes too much money.  I say he served his Country and deserves it irregardless HOW much money he's making!!