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These Two Deserve Each Other.... | MyPetPeeves.com

These Two Deserve Each Other....

Sarah Palin is now defending Carrie Prejean!

Remember Sarah Palin who lost her bid to become Vice President in the recent election? She was the one who preached for abstinence, all the while her daughter was easier than a two piece puzzle. Proof positive that teaching absintence in the schools is a HUGE failure, had she been taught to use birth control she may not be the national laughing stock that she is now.

Prejean is the moron who competed for the Miss America title and lost it due to a homophobic response to a known gay judge under the guise her Chrisitian religion but then saw some very un-Christian pictures made publc.

I should send these two a one dollar bill so they can buy a freaking clue! I hope Palin's daughter gets a DNA test to check for paternity so her child knows who its father is. I hope more pictures come out to make Prejean's life all that much harder.


LOLOL!!!! you crack me up!!!

LOLOL!!!! you crack me up!!!

That was too funny! ...

That was too funny! "easier than a two piece puzzle." I gotta remember that one. ROTF!!!

I disagree there was no ...

I disagree there was no wrong answer to this question. It was a question about an opinion she gave it. Just because some people did not like her answer they bashed her. Me myself I could care less if 2 homos get married. But to sit here and bash this girl just for giving an answer is wrong.

I'm bashing her because ...

I'm bashing her because she, like Palin, is a hypocrite. She hides behind her beliefs in regards to marriage but then poses for these pics? Not only did she pose for the pictures but she lied about it! Isn't it a sin to pose nude and to lie?

I hate people who preach morals when they themselves have none.

I agree with rk on the ...

I agree with rk on the Prejean thing... I mean seriously, you can't go take nude pics then "forget" to tell about them! And now she's saying there could be more to come? SKANKY! I was hoping they would take her crown away.

I will not bash her based on giving her answer, it was her opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to gay marriage. My only issue is with all the nudie shots that keep showing up, and how she keeps making up BS stories "oh the wind was blowing" - yea right...

You are comparing apples ...

You are comparing apples and oranges here. She took modeling pictures which every model does. Every person on this planet is a hypocrite on something. It is funny how all of a sudden all these pictures are showing up. Yes people are trying to destroy her because of it. So what if she posed nude. Some people draw the line at posing nude with there morals. Some people draw the line with much worse stuff.

There really is no line anymore.

Its not apple and oranges ...

Its not apple and oranges at all. She climbs on her high horse and declares her self better than a group of people based upon her religious beliefs then violates those beliefs!

No we're not comparing ...

No we're not comparing apples and oranges....

The problem is that she NEVER told the Miss USA people that she had "partial nude" photos of her taken, EVER. Then they surface and she pulls an "oops, forgot to tell you, sorry". Then MORE photos show up, and these ones with some nipple action - but she didn't tell them about the tittie pictures when she said "oops" about the partial nudes!

She lied to the pageant people by not saying she took half nude photos (the underwear ones). Then, by not telling them about the ones with her nipple showing she has lied again. If the truth is coming out, someone in her position should be telling the WHOLE truth! She should have said "oh crap, sorry about that, but get ready for these other pics to surface too" instead of letting them come out and her not warn them.

BTW - there is another miss USA (not sure what state) that has fairly nude photos out there - and she told the pageant people about it and the photos were seen before she was given the ok to join. That is how it was supposed to go for Prejean, but she didn't play by the rules. I don't think she deserves to keep that crown!

Prejean is a Model ...

Prejean is a Model American that ALL young girls can look up to and admire. She stands for motherhood, baseball and apple pie. that is why she is so widely demonized by you queers and perverts. May you all someday wake up and see the light before it's too late, and The Grim Reaper hauls you off to Hell.

Jesus H. Christ are you ...

Jesus H. Christ are you kidding me? Oh yeah she's a role model alright, one poses for dirty pictures then lies about it! Here's hoping that little girls don't follow in her wicked path!

I hope your not calling me a pervert by the way.....

Dear God I hope you're ...

Dear God I hope you're being sarcastic Diolma... Saying she's a good role model is like saying Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton are good role models!

That's like saying Anna Nicole was a good role model..

I'd rather be gay then a self righteous judgmental religious nut. Oh wait... I am gay.. :-D And it's GREAT

I love AK! Go girl, go!

I love AK! Go girl, go!

She is not standing on her ...

She is not standing on her high horse she gave her opinion she did not insult nor belittle anyone. Again it is her belief if the didn't want an honest answer then he should not have asked the question. He thought he would make a big splash with the homo marriage thing.

Well it blew up in his face. I do not get all the anger for this lady at all.

She made a mistake and took some pictures ok like no one here has ever made a mistake in there young life they regret. Those without sin throw the first stone. Oh wait we all have done something we are not proud of. How come when someone says something that we do not agree with and find out something they did was stupid we go all ape shit over it.

So what if Sara Palin defended this lady. Ya Palin has her own problems with her child but then again you can be the perfect parent and your kid can still make mistakes. My uncle was raised his kids right but when they got away from home they both turned into drug addicts and now talk like Ozzy Osborne. No fault of the parents.

Prejean took the opinion ...

Prejean took the opinion that she did based upon her so called religious beliefs then violated those beliefs by taking photos sans clothing! I'm pretty sure most Christian churches frown upon nude photos and lying about having done so. The whole point of the questions at the pagent, is to test the diplomacy of the contestants, she could have phrased her response in a more diplomatic manner, don't you think?

I have done plenty of stupid things in my life but nothing anywhere near as dumb as what this airhead has done! I didn't go on national TV and say something that would offend millions of Americans. She made her own bed of thorns and now she's going to have to pull the thorns out herself.

As far as Palin goes, she was supposed to a parent to this child. Where was she when her daughter's legs were open for every man like a 24 hour convience store? Palin, apparently, couldn't be bothered to teach her daughter about birth control and safe sex. Let's not forget Palin's daughter is still a minor and not a grown adult, she should have been supervised and not left to run wild at her own whim. Sara Palin needs to pull her head from the sand and ditch the abstinence crap, which based on her daughter clearly don't work! Basically in this case it was the parents' fault!