How sad


Seriously Mad Vulcan, it's so sad that you have now become the troll. I have been back for two days and I'm ready to quit coming here again - all because you are flooding my eyes with political mumbo-jumbo that I don't even read in the news let alone a PEEVE site. It used to be TGIX causing a problem, but now it's you. Now I see that it's not "who" you want in charge, it's who "is" in charge that creates the trolls.

There's my peeve - people that don't understand when to SHUT UP. People that ruin a site because they think being they have a log in means they can post anything and someone cares. Nobody cares, just like nobody cared about what TGIX used to post.


you and I SO SO SO think ...

you and I SO SO SO think alike. when I came on last night and commented on your post, I was gonna make a post JUST LIKE THIS!!! and I was gonna say that the reason I hardly came here anymore was because of the previous 4-5 posts before this!!! but I changed my mind cuz I've said it before already, as well as others, complained of the same thing.

Well there are three of us ...

Well there are three of us thinking alike, in case you haven't noticed i haven't been around much. This site has become a "pissing"(excuse the language)between Mad Vulcan and TGIX with the site owners no where to be found to moderate things.

MV is one of the few ...

MV is one of the few honest people on this site who is willing to call an ace an ace and a spade a spade. You liberal robots could learn a good deal from him if you would only open yourselves up to the truth.

I'm not liberal Diolma - ...

I'm not liberal Diolma - not at all. My rant is NOT about opening up to "the truth" - it's about coming to this site for something OTHER then politics that I can read at any god damned new site on this god forsaken internet. YOU need to open yourself up to things OTHER then politics!

It really has become a pissing match RK - glad you used that phrase. That's EXACTLY what it has become. And it really is pathetic that the person/people in charge of this site have yet to step in and correct the problem. I haven't been here in quite a few weeks, but it's so sad to come back and see that there are so few people left here. And the few that are left come as rarely as I do. Talk about letting a site turn to shit!

If it stays this way I'll just have to leave again. Maybe you (dawn and rk) go to another site I can meet you on?

The people must be ...

The people must be informed. Besides you can just scroll over it. I have no problem with anyone here except TGIX. Who posted day after day after day on Bush. So what if I give him a little of his own medicine.

As remember last Snowbunnie did this to TGIX he really went off his rocker on her and attacked her very badly.

I however will say this Snowbunny every right to complain after all this is a rant and rave site.

If we want to be informed ...

If we want to be informed we can go to a news website and get the information ourselves! I shouldn't have to scroll past it, and obviously there are other people in agreement if they're hardly at this site anymore as well.

You seem to be missing the point - you are not giving TGIX a "little of his own medicine" - you are CHASING PEOPLE AWAY.

I have not never called ...

I have not never called you a name and regardless of what I post does not matter you have the freedom to read or not to read. I have not attacked anyone on this board except for TGIX.

He burned the bridges a long time ago. I have the utmost respect for everyone here except for him. If you have a problem with the political post then say that you do not have to call me names.

What's a TGIX? I never ...

What's a TGIX? I never heard of such a stupid moniker.

I think we should change his name to STFU. Anyone who argues with him is of course wrong so all they need to do is read the new name STFU and do it. He wouldn't even need to say anything in the body of his texts. That alone ought to quiet things down around here a bit, don'tcha think? LOL

I don't give a crap who is ...

I don't give a crap who is calling who names.

AS I SAID BEFORE If you don't want me to call you it, don't give me the reasons to. What he did in the past is NOT what he is doing today Mad - you need to look at what you are doing and realize that now YOU HAVE BECOME HIM.

*goes back to talking to wall cause it understands*

Look if you want to rant ...

Look if you want to rant about me making political post and don't like then by all means go ahead and rant about. However there is no reason to call me names if I am not personally attacking you. That is all I am saying. I didn't start attacking TGIX until he attacked me first and everyone else on this board. You of all people should no that after that SUV attack he did to you.

But hey if you don't like the political post then by all means rant about it. However until I actually call you a name there is no reason for you to call me a name.