Whatever happened to . . .

Paula and CR1978 and Dancemaster and the rest of them? I sure do 'miss' debating with Paula about whether or not to turn your car off at an intersection or at the drivethru in HOT weather if you have AC just to stay green. Boy oh boy, those were the days! I was just reading the archives and she asked AK if she would like it if she drove her car up to her front door and just ran the exhaust into her home, comparing that to Global Warming. I was just thinking, that is comparable to the GAS chamber and is probably against the law! But, who am I to suggest this when Paula isn't around to defend. Ahhh wel, 'good' times good time.


ROFLMO! Really? She ...

ROFLMO! Really? She thought it was 'greener' to turn your car off at every red light! WHat a dip. It takes MORE gas to start the engine thatn to idle. I would love to hear bunnies response to her running her exhaust into her house.

Sounds very comical.

There were a few people ...

There were a few people that we lost. I wish they would come back. Sometimes. It's nice to get a little wriled up every once in a while. :-P

well I can tell you that ...

well I can tell you that cr1978 has gotten married, some of us knew that though and last time I checked her myspace page she was expecting a little boy I believe.

dancemaster didn't have a ...

dancemaster didn't have a comp at home if I remember correctly and she couldn't access the site at work anymore either so I guess she has left us too....

WADV, yes, Paula WAS ...

WADV, yes, Paula WAS comical, but sad too in her rabid pleas and consternations against EVERYTHING that others found ludicrus (well, everyone except TGIX, no surprise there), but it did tend to make the life on this site a LITTLE more varied! No, I would LOVE to hear what Paula has to say about her NEIGHBORING countries politics while refusing to speak about HER countries ongoing atrocities (i.e. Canada's treatment of their OWN Natives Canadians (most recently the killing of several that wouldn't give up THEIR land to a GOLF COURSE!!!). No, tell us how bad we are doing but say nothing about the evils they are doing. But since she isn't here, and I don't live there, I cannot say one way or the other. It's a cultural thing, nothing more, nothing less.

This cultural difference is rather like the people of some countries that believe one can 'marry' off a daughter at the tender age of 9 and (despite what some people believe) CONSUMMATE said marriage the SECOND that female reaches PUBERTY! Don't believe me, open up a copy of the Koran and read it yourself, it is there in black and white! But again, that is a cultural difference, theirs versus ours. Who can say bad or good? I can't (Though MY beliefs say BAD!) so I will try not to.

Any actual Muslims here? I know that many people of many beliefs do have arranged marriages, I have met a few (and one was/is Hindi so it isn't just Muslims) as well as between the rich and famous (I believe some royalty across Europe still arrange to whom their sons and daughters will marry at birth) so it really isn't anything but a cultural thing, right?

Hello Walter: in your ...

Hello Walter: in your comment you stated "(i.e. Canada

When I find that news ...

When I find that news article I will post it, if you want to look, try about 3 or 4 years back (is that considered 'recent'?). But I will also look since I think I still have it on this computer.

Humph, while searching for ...

Humph, while searching for THAT article, I came across - http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2008/07/11/02454.html

Hi Walter. I am having ...

Hi Walter. I am having trouble posting a response to you, so will wait a couple of days until this "you have to be logged in" when I am logged in has been ironed out.

Interesting, I am send a ...

Interesting, I am send a short comment, but when I try to send a longer one, there is a problem.

Ok lets try another go at ...

Ok lets try another go at this.
I think I found some items about the golf course protests. In 1995 the Mohawks at Oka, Quebec set up barricades to
protest the local municipality trying to built a golf course on land the Mohawk considered to belong to them. In the protest a
Quebec police officer was killed and the killer never found. In the same year at Ipperwash Provincial Park, Ontario, the
Ojibway set up barricades over some property they considered belonged to them. One of the protesters Dudley George was
killed. An Ontario police officer was convicted of negligence causing death because he had no responsible belief that Dudley
George was armed. Although there have been numerous land claims since then, I haven't heard of anyone being killed.
I have never heard of the online newspaper you mention. It seems to be a little short on dates, frequently not mentioning the
year and talking about things that certainly aren't current in the news, eg. Stephan Dion was elected leader of the Liberal
party in Dec. 2006 and has since been replaced. I've never heard of most of the advertisers and the papers seems a little
hung up on UFOs, aliens, Nostradamus, etc. to be very credible.
The article mentioned in the paper about the RCMP and residential schools is very old news. The government mandated that
the aboriginal children would go to residential schools and then turned the operation of these schools over to the various
mainstream religions, both Catholic and Protestant. Based on the belief that religious people would do nothing that wasn't in
the best interests of the children, the government maintained a arm's length approach and we all know what resulted from that.
The residential school issue will not be totally resolved for years, but slowly, slowly various claims are being investigated. It is
one of the issues that those in authority, both in the government and in the churches, wish would go away, but it won't and
There is another issue involving children that really hasn't had much publicity. Between the 1860s and approx. 1930,
150,000 children were sent from the United Kingdom to Canada. These children were supposed to be orphans but in reality
many were from single parent families and in some cases both parents were still alive. In a lot of cases the parent/parents
thought they were signing temporary custody of their children over to a children's charity only to be later notified that their
children had been sent out of the country to work as servants or farm labourers. My grandmother and great aunt were two of
those children, ages 9 and 7 when they came to Canada. Some of the children were adopted into good homes, but many
went to homes where they were poorly treated or in some cases very badly abused. The U.S. had a similar scheme, but
instead of bringing the children from other countries, the authorities picked poor children off the streets of larger eastern cities
and sent them west to work. In Canada the children were "Home Children", in the U.S. the scheme was called "Orphan
Both the Canada and American governments have many things that took place in the past where they would just as soon
folks accept the official version of what happened and quit asking embarrassing questions.