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New Orleans rebounds to lead nation in income growth
American City Business Journals - September 28, 2009
by G. Scott Thomas

New Orleans has gyrated like an economic yo-yo in recent years, swinging wildly from one extreme to the next.

It reached a high point in June 2005. A bizjournals study released that month indicated that per capita income was growing at a faster pace in New Orleans than in any other U.S. metropolitan area.

But Hurricanes Katrina and Rita slammed into the city in August and September 2005, devastating the local economy. A subsequent bizjournals report in June 2007 found a total reversal. Per capita income was shrinking more rapidly in New Orleans than anywhere else.

Another two years have now passed -- and another dramatic change has occurred.

New Orleans again is on top, enjoying the nation


well, like I've been ...

well, like I've been WASH a city clean, and people come back to rebuild, only thing you CAN DO is GROW!!! that's what pisses me off so about out here in N.O. East, where we have so many people back and NOWHERE to shop! I keep saying "WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO PUT A BUSINESS WHERE THERE IS NO BUSINESS AT ALL? ONLY THING THERE TO BE MADE IS MONEY!! WE HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!" when you are the only business of your kind in an area where there is NOTHING...people WILL come and shop!!! and the people are HERE to support it! I'm tired of all the TALK about what they "wanna" do, what "maybe" can happen, what "plan" is coming....IT'S BEEN FOUR EFFIN YEARS!!! it DON'T take that long to build a walmart, or sam's! we HAVE a movie theater that was just built BEFORE the storm that wasn't torn down with the rest of the mall that was on the same property. WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH IT IF YOU DIDN'T TEAR IT DOWN, FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, I'm done....for now.

New Orleans. Home of the ...

New Orleans. Home of the Mardi Gras. And Southern Decadence Day. Congratulations. Katrina made a good effort, but failed to teach humanity one single thing. As it was in the days of Noah.....