Churches Should Pay Taxes Like Anyother Business


The churches collect money and provide services just like any other business and should not be exempt from paying taxes. Taxing the churches could help boost our economy!


So you do realize then ...

So you do realize then that you have just made it perfectly clear that you have no morals, right?

That is what you said.

You would lower yourself to the level of those whom you despise and want to kill because you despise them so much. I agree they are that despicable. But to LOWER YOURSELF to THEIR LEVEL is right to you?

It amazes those of us who have not lost our minds in anger that some would become the devil to beat the devil. Where does that leave you? It leaves you being the devil.

Now, there ARE other ways. Great Britain did it while London was being bombarded in the most barbaric manner by the Germans using V2 rocket missles in World War 2. Winston Churchill said most explicitly that he could have and would have stooped to their LOOOOOOOWWW level, that of WORMS, to beat them but he could not so he would not because it would be UNCONSCIONABLE!

What Winston Churchill did instead was to strategically place his country with his ally, US!!!!!! We were moral. He was moral. WE together beat the evil bastard Nazis.

Could he have beat them by stooping to their despicably loooooow level? Perhaps. But did he have to? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do WE have to do that now? NOOOOOOOOOOO

So go to hell, go directly to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

You are a despicable ASS, an EVIL entity if you think stooping to the lowest level, that of those we call our enemies BECAUSE they are that very low in those VERY ways.

What are you? Are you a human or a monster? As yourself that. Ask it every day. I'd rather be a free man in my grave than to live as a slave. You must be made of something else, something from out of this word. The mere fact I am made from the dust and dirt and water and carbon atoms of this planet makes that kind of evil IMPOSSIBLE for me. You can go to hell. Go. Go NOW. Or you can come around and learn how to be decent and civil - learn how to be HUMAN. We will still accept you if you so choose.

The choice is yours to make. Make it wisely.

Do NOT try and tell us that WE should do YOUR fair share of work, make up for YOUR fair share of the contributions all of us make for roads and utilities and police and fire and rescue services and so on. Do NOT be so evil. You think you can do that because we are heathen because we don't believe in magic? That is what you are telling us. You think the world and the universe was all made by magic one day LONG after we can PROVE without ANY doubt WHAT So EVER existed billions of years earlier. Science good. Magic and superstition - bad. Let it go. You were brainwashed from the time you were born to believe a fat man brings gifts every year and so that read suited obesity is your hero? NO WONDER so many Americans are so morbidly OBESE!!!!! Santa does NOT exits at such a disgustingly popular level, or AT aLL, in most countries around the planet, only here. NO WONDER so many Americans are so fucking fat. That's the ONE The ONE SINGLE MOSSST FAVORITE CHARACTER TO ANY YOUNG CHILD IN CHRISTIAN FAMILIES. NO WONDER THEY'D WANT TO BE FAT TOO!!!

It's all just so plain sick and simple to see. Religion is the biggest cause of all of the most bloody, most EVIL and tortuous and most brutal and most devastating (in terms of numbers killed) wars in ALLLLLL of the history of this world.

Still like religion? I would if it was what it claims to be. It never has been and never will be. Believe what you want people but don't give your money to organized religion, just live right, live by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule and there is not one more thing to be said. That's it. That makes it all good. The MOMENT the people organize that shit they get greedy and go for leadership and power and special privileges and the next thing you know they're killing people LITERALLY BY THE MILLIONSSSSSSSSSSSS and they TORTURRRRRRRRRRRRE innocents.

THAT is the reality of organized religion. Forsake it. Don't forsake your beliefs but give up on the whole notion that you can't pray on your own directly to that you want to pray to. ONLY selfish assholes, ONLY the MONSTEROUS would CHARGE YOU MONEY to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHH, I didn't mean ...

AHHHHH, I didn't mean that. I was confused. I apologize, PROFUSELY. I was reading what you said wrongly to mean the opposit of what you said, under great pressures here, working 18 hour days yesterday today and tomorrow... Please accept my apology. That I wrote is for those who think religious entities deserve a free ride. Everything I said pertains to them. I despise Them, not you rkinne01 for what you said. I am in total agreement with you on this one. I am not perfect (would be very scary to even myself and surely to all else if I were and so don't even want to ever be perfect). I made a big mistake and the site does not permit me to erase it but that's all just as well because to err IS human after all. I do still mean all I said for those to whom it does apply.

LOL you DO realize that ...

LOL you DO realize that Santa Claus and St. Nicholas AND Father Christmas are one in the same, right, TGIX? I only ask because they have been around long before America was America. Here is the story of how they became who WE see today, fat all -

As to the taxation of churches, isn't that more a question of how the LAWYERS and JUDGES saw fit to see what it meant?

um, not sure how to take ...

um, not sure how to take those responses Ed, did you really mean your FIRST comment and the second was a joke or were you really apologizing? LOL, I can't tell. I'm slooooooow today.

Isn't there a whole ...

Isn't there a whole "seperation of church and state?" Hence why the government doesn't help Catholic schools. Wouldn't that be the reason churches aren't taxed? I'm just rambling, but it sounds like it makes sense. :-P

As I understand it, ...

As I understand it, churches are not taxed because they are (supposedly) non-profit, but I have my doubts about most of them.

Churches, tgix, you ...

Churches, tgix, you bug-wit, and whats left of the conservatives who love God and Country, are all that stands between the Godless heathen, the abortionists, the advocates of same sex "marriage", the sodomites, morphadites, the whore mongers, the wall street white collar thieving bastards who have nearly ruined us all, those who call GOOD EVIL, and EVIL GOOD, who seek innocent blood, who lie in wait to rob and murder and pillage, The Church, I say is what stands between people like ME and "people" like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awwwe, and just when we ...

Awwwe, and just when we were starting to get along so well...


But seriously, after your brain was washed didn't they at least provide you with a towel to dry it off, cause you're all wet.

Diolma I see the stick is ...

Diolma I see the stick is still firmly in place.