Call me a cold hearted bastard, but IF there are 7 BILLION people on earth, and of those 5,000 have died from the Swine Flu, that is 'ONLY' 0.0000714286 percent!!!!


Walter, I have to agree ...

Walter, I have to agree with you. I think this is wayyyyyy blown out of proportion and I'm sick and tired of watching on every news channel were people are getting that stuff stuck up their nose.

OMG everyone is freaking ...

OMG everyone is freaking out about it. My coworkers get sick and I say "ut oh, you got the pig flu" and they get super scared like it's a death sentence!! Everyone around here is freaking out about getting the shot for it too.

SCREW THAT - you're more likely to die from the COMMON COLD!!!!

WELL said, AK, VERY well said!

WELL said, AK, VERY well said!

I'm not sure if it's blown ...

I'm not sure if it's blown out of proportion or not but Obama says, "If you don't feel well..stay home!!" as all these people are hacking and coughing at work just to KEEP their jobs in todays economy...what exactly ARE the symptoms of the swine flu except for mostly the same symptoms as the common cold? if Mr. Obama says, stay home..I'll do is that going to affect my job? With the economy being the way it is....I NEED to made money and I don't see Congress implementing any bills that say that if an employee calls in sick..that it's not going to affect their job record!!

So here's the ...

So here's the don't feel good. You call in sick to work. You have no insurance but figure you'd better go to the doctor to make sure you don't have the swine flu. Doesn't matter if you were immunized or not..sometimes it works..sometimes it doesn't as in the case with a friend of mine who's son works in a restaurant and they were required by law to get the swine flu immization. He still got it and his family (six brothers and sisters..along with his mom) are quarantined until he can go back to his doctor (another bill) to make sure that he's no longer contagious...along with testing the rest of his family to make sure they're no longer carriers!!

WHAT has Obama and Congress done about this? People out there without insurance having to run to the doctor with flu like symptoms that MIGHT be the swine flu?? Who pays for that?? WE DO!! Has Obama and his Congress done anything to implement policies with employers so that while an individual is staying home from work..going to the find out if it's the swine flu or not..that it's illegal for employers to hold it against you if you have to take several days off from work??

I have yet to see that. All I've heard from Obama is that, "If you don't feel well..stay home."

Holy crap - who the hell ...

Holy crap - who the hell is paying the family that is quarantined?? How are they supposed to pay their bills?

I'm glad I don't have it yet *knock on wood* and I hope I don't get it. I can't afford to miss work. We have lots of hand sanitizer at work (for the customers too) and lots of signs about the common flu. We also have a BIG container of Lysol for spraying down everything. As soon as I take over for the day shift person I spray EVERYTHING with Lysol. I'm not taking any chances!!!

Easy for Obama to tell everyone to stay home if they don't feel well when he doesn't have to wonder who is going to pay his bills...

Walter, meet an nother 'Cold-Hearted' SOB.

Hell, the World Population heeds to be severly 'culled' anyway. The GOVERNMENT needs to quit trying to 'save everyone' from themselves. If you do stupid things, then you deserve the consequences.  Consider also, that wars are actually GOOD, in some aspects. Improves economics, reduces unemployment, and reduces the over-population.

you cold hearted bastard you

you cold hearted bastard you hehe...well you said to call you na nana na

Freelzz. The common cold /

Freelzz. The common cold / flu kills somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 people a year JUST in the USA alone. Where's the outrage? Where's the media blitz? LOL !! I feel for the retards that jump on board with all this crap. I seriously wonder what they have put in the vaccine. Cancer maybe? There ARE too many people in the world. Maybe "they" figure if they can get a few billion idiots to stand in line for the shots, they can thin out the world population in a generation or so. We'll seeeeeee. Seriously, everyday influenza is a FAR bigger threat than the bird flu or the swine flu. I was reading one of the inserts that comes with the vaccine; not the "fact sheet" the Dr's and the pharmasists give you, but one of the actual inserts thata comes with the vaaccines (like the inserts in everyday meds and prescription drugs) nd the multitude of sicknesses and terminal illnesses the vaccine can give you is outright frightening. Line up suckers, lol !! Reminds me of 1940's Germany.

Slappy wanting less people in

Slappy wanting less people in the world?? No way...    HAHAHAHAHAHA





OMG Zozobra - you're infected

OMG Zozobra - you're infected with the PIG FLU!!! You're going to change into a piggy now!!!

*runs from room to Lysol self*

It is all marketing

The governments and media are simply more happy dispensing paranoia on an unsuspecting public.  It takes our minds off all the other problems if we focus on stuff like H1N1.  This will work for a while. 

Their stated fear is that the relatively benign H1N1 will mutate into something much more deadly in a short span of time.  I also fear this will happen with mold on unidentifiable stuff in my refrigerator.  But of course there is no shot for that. 


After all this scare tactics, the lies about how we will havce enough vaccine to go around, SAFE vaccine to go around, notice how fast they ran out? How fast they claimed to NOT be able to make enough AFTER PLANNING FOR THIS SINCE MARCH?!?!?!?! Look, IF any of you are still worried, here is a clue, H1N1 IS A LESS SEVERE FORM OF THE INFLUENZA!!! NORMALLY it goes away with nearly NO symptoms! However, as long as you keep healthy habits, drinking water, eating fruits and veggies, and don't forget the MEAT, you should be fine! You shouldn't even need to have 'extra' vitamins! Just have a balanced meal and get your SLEEP!


Oh, remember when I wrote a 'safe' Vaccine? The makers of these vaccines were given the all clear to continue using a MERCURY as the preservative for these shots! MERCURY IS NOT HEALTHY AT ANY AMOUNT!!!! So, whose REALLY lookiing out for US?

This isn't some huge

This isn't some huge conspiracy, people. Yes, there are potential side effects from flu vaccines, but these tend to be mild and infrequent. Just because you don't know anyone who's been hospitalized or killed by the flu, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

It's a simple numbers game. They look at the risks to the population if people get vaccinated verses the risks to the population if we don't. In this case, we are much better off if we all go get the vaccine. Eating fruits and veggies is all fine and good, but if you have severe asthma and someone infects you, then oranges won't save your life. And if you're immunocompromised, then you need to rely on enough people who can get the vaccine actually getting it to save your ass. 

And don't start with the mercury thing. There has been so much research into this and it is such a non-issue. You talk as if the vaccines contain pure mercury! Some vaccines, including seasonal flu vaccines, contain a preservative called thimerosal. But it is only used in multi-dose vials of the vaccine, so you can often get a vaccination without thimerosal if you're especially paranoid. In your body, thimerosal metabolizes into a compound known as ethylmercury. Acceptable dosages of thimerasol were originally based on risk assessments extrapolated from research on methylmercury (a similar compound), but later research found ethylmercury is far less toxic than methylmercury, making the risk assessments overly conservative. I'm not saying you should drink the stuff, but it's nothing to be so concerned about. Hell, if you take a plane flight or go a day without sunblock, your increased radiation exposure probably poses a higher risk than the drop of thimerosal in your flu vaccine!

Luckily MY Neurologist agrees

Luckily MY Neurologist agrees with ME that there is NO 'safe' amount of Mercury for the human brain to have, PERIOD. Not only did he not get immunized, he was telling his patients not to get immunized. In fact, he NEVER suggest we get immunized if there is ANY Mercury or Mercury by products. So, Strange Quark, let me ask you this, has YOUR doctor told you it is safe, let me ask again, has you BRAIN SPECIALISTS told you it was safe to have Mercury? Unless of course, YOU are a doctor, then I respectfully allow you to continue.


Oh and BTW, he doesn't suggest we eat fish because of their Mercury levels either.

And do you eat any fish?

And do you eat any fish? Pound for pound, the mercury in fish is far more toxic than the byproduct of thimerosal, but it hasn't stopped me from enjoying a nice sushi dinner. And either of those are probably better than breathing the air in Los Angeles. Do you have HEPA air filtration throughout your house? When you use household cleaning products, do you always wear a respirator and protective clothing to avoid all skin contact? Have you ever used oil paints or inhaled any chalk dust? How often do you leave your house without sunblock? Have you flown on an airplane? How much do you drink alcohol? Do you eat beef, pork or chicken skin? Have you ever eaten charred meat? Do you drive?

It's all a matter of risk management. The likelihood that the dosage of thimerosal in an annual flu vaccine will cause any significant damage to your body is incredibly small. Far smaller than many of the things you likely do every day. And if you'e paranoid than ask for a thimerosal free vaccine. They make them.

I have a scientific background, but no, I am not an MD. However, I do have several close friends who are doctors and they vaccinated their entire families. 

Actually I do NOT eat fish. I

Actually I do NOT eat fish. I do, however drink (and drink well). Fact is, I AM managing MY risk, therefore I do not do imunizations. I have worked restaurants during the flu seasons and never got sick (though my co-managers all missed considerable time wonce vaccinated and I had to cover their shifts), I remember on year, they gave the wrong vaccination (they thought it was gonna be another strain not the one that came around) but ddin't matter anyway, MOST of the guests at my restaurant came from ASIA and we weren't vaccinated against those Flus anyway. Still, I don't get sick.

Risk management? I'm all about it, I chose to NOT risk MY health by trusting DOCTORS any further than I have to! As to the rest, only my wife uses sunblock, my skin provides me with enough protection for this part of the world, in fact, my skin has kept me from EVER getting a sun burn (maybe because I am a darker skinned Black Man). The cleaning products are not those chemicals that you speak of so again, not too worried about those, but as to my eating habits? I eat meats, COOKED meats of all sorts, I do live in one of the areas wehre the E-Coli laced vegetables hace come out of so me and veggies, even more so today, have a passing aquaintance with each other.  Happy to hear your MD friends family's are all vaccinated. I wanna know how the are doing in twenty years or so, what new diseases they grow that wasn't iin the family DNA before? Actually, I don't care, I'll just pray for them like I do for everyone I know.

I have not gotten the swine

I have not gotten the swine flu shot and I do not plan on it.

I haven't either...

Hey... eat right, work hard, sleep well and you'll live to be 100 or maybe longer!  Most medicines come from plants anyway so just eat your vegetables!

Good one!

Good one Walter!  I bet more people have died from swallowing their gum than this farce of an epidemic!