I came up with this for those of us in customer service, enjoy!!


Okay, while I as bored at work and sleep deprived I came up with this.


The 10 Commandments of receiving Good Customer Service

1)Thou shalt speak clearly and articulately with the representative who receives your call

2) Thou shalt not cut off or talk over the representative when the
representative CANNOT give you the answer YOU want to

3) Thou shalt NOT use a speakerphone when contacting a
company for technical support

4) Thou shalt NOT use a cell phone when contacting a company
for technical support

5) Thou shalt not contact a company for technical support when
there are loud distracting noises in the background

6) Thou SHALT come on the line in a proper manner and allow the
representative to say something instead of hogging the entire
entire conversation.

7) Thou shalt not phone a company for technical support when the
customer feels THEY know more than the represantitive

8) Thou shalt NOT phone a company for technical support when as
they phoned in the 1st time and did not like what they heard,
phone back and expect a different answer from another
representative when the answer WILL BE the same

9) Thou shalt not yell, rant, rave and scream at a representative
when they CANNOT get on site service support SAME DAY

10) Thou shalt TOTALLY treat the representative with the utmost
respect and dignity

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Diolma..I could agree with ...

Diolma..I could agree with you more!!

Just got off the phone with the electric company. Got my bill in the mail...due the 30th of Sept. THEN I got a call on that SAME day saying my bill was late!!

Gave them a call and they said that since I paid my bill the previous month ONE DAY LATE...that it had made my payment plan obsolete...I was scheduled for disconnection on MONDAY...which is tomorrow...unless I paid my entire balance!!

UGH!! I was LIVID with this particular customer service rep since she not only said that it was HUMAN ERROR...MY HUMAN ERROR...in addition to the entire situation (which wasn't entirely her fault)...and in order to keep from yelling into her ear..I ended up hanging up.

So in response to your post of the ways to receive good customer service....all it takes is ONE bad CSR to make the customer experience WORSE for the next CSR to pick up the call.

Sometimes when dealing with the public..it's not WHAT you say..but how you say it..especially in today's economy.

I forgot to mention that ...

I forgot to mention that according to my bank statement...the bill WAS paid on time although I received a phone call two days later telling me that I'd not paid my bill accordingly.

My response was, "Um....I paid that TWO days ago..check your system.." and her reply was..."Woops..sorry...it's here on my screen..sorry for the inconvenience.."

So..to have a rep tell me that it was HUMAN ERROR..MY HUMAN ERROR.....ugh!!

MAN you should TOTALLY ...

MAN you should TOTALLY copyright those commandments!!!! I know rkinne and conana would agree as well!!!

Thanks Dawn, maybe I'll do ...

Thanks Dawn, maybe I'll do an edit and put a copyright on it

Amen Sister!

Amen Sister!

Sometimes, it's the ...

Sometimes, it's the customer service rep that's a total ass. I could KILL when some prick asks me a question, and before I can finish, they will cut me off/talk over top of me! Respect goes both ways, don't expect it if you don't give it!

Here's a few for CSRs

First and formost..

Thou SHALT speak and UNDERSTAND clear English (and this includes those in other countries that TRY to speak the English language but don't really get what we're saying anyway.

Allow me to contine for the American bred ENGLISH speaking CSRs out there:

Thou shalt speak clearly and slowly so that others can understand you. I know you people drink lots of coffee during your shifts..but..I don't really need to talk to one of the Chipmunks.

Thou shalt not put your mouthpiece so close to your mouths that we hear, "Wawawawa..wawa.."

Thou shalt look at the Customer Notes while talking to this customer and

Thou shalt not ask Customer again why they are calling since IF you would have checked thus customer notes..you would have known...

Thou shalt not chew gum or eat while talking to a customer

Thou shalt not walk around while talking to a customer (this has happened to me..seriously!). Just because you're attached by bluetooth..

Thou shalt not talk to your coworkers wihile thinking a customer is on hold..(and this has happened to me also!!)

Thou shalt put a customer IMMEDIATELY through to a supervisor if they so ask and not make excuses (yep..this one too!!)

And the biggest CSR pet peeve of mine....

Thou shalt NOT oversell a customer in order to make your rates (again sir..if you take THIS into consideration..) When I say no..I mean NO.