Well, it's been a while


But I've been busy job hunting and all that jazz. Not sure how it is where you all are, but here it's 7 people per open job. I have an interview on the 10th and another place that did a phone interview and will *hopefully* call back. It's back to school time, so there's more jobs opening up now. Plus I found out that a lot of companies have laid people off and are hiring through temp services. I talked to a bunch of people that lost their job, and was offered their exact job through a temp services for a lower pay. If I don't get the job on the 10th (or the other by then) I'll be going to a temp service that Monday.

So I was originally going to get a place with someone when I moved down here *enter peeve part*... Instead a friend of mine asked me to come stay with her and her family, and to keep an eye on her house while they were on vacation. The other night I went out to the bar with some friends, and this friend I'm staying with (let's call her Jane) sends me a text message asking when I'll be home and if I plan to wake everyone.... I sent her a text that I was shooting a game of pool and just had gotten a fresh beer, and that I would use the back door so nobody would wake up. After a few texts back and forth we kinda got into it. The icing on the cake was when she said "I offered you a place to stay when you had none to go to". To which I said "NO, I had THREE places I could have moved into, I NEVER asked to stay with you". Then she started on a mom-deal, trying to act like a mom and tell me what to do. I'm 27 years old, I have a mom - she is supposed to be a friend!!!

So the next morning she comes in my room while I'm hung over and sleeping and says she wants to talk. I said "I'm hungover and can't discuss anything without flipping out right now, so I'm not ready to talk". She says she has things she wants to say, whatever she says them. Then she says "Do you have nothing to say?"

WELL DUH - I said I couldn't talk without flipping out so NO, I have nothing to say at that time!

She was away for a day, and she's on her way home. Her and I are going to have to sit down and talk about this, now that I'm calm and won't flip out. I'm just furious that she would offer me a place then tell me I had no other place to go. And to act like my mom?? No, I'm 27 years old, I have a DAMN good head on my shoulders, I spent the last 5 years away from home - so far away that NO family could even drive to help me if need be. I can handle my shit, I don't need anyone telling me what I should be doing, or how I should be doing it! I am a very independent person, and HATE when people intrude on that.

*sigh* I can't wait to get a job and get out of here.

So how's everyone else??


AK...hope you find a job ...

AK...hope you find a job and a place of your own.

I've found that having good friends is one thing..living with them is another. They have their own lifestyle and you have yours and I really understand where you're coming from.

Just this past Spring, I had a friend of mine with an 11 year old (spoiled brat)daughter call me and ask if there was any chance her and her daughter could live with me this Summer....she knew I was tight with money and thought that maybe they could stay here and she could help out with the bills and take some of the pressure off me.

UGH..thanks but no thanks. Love my friend dearly but she is an anal neat freak..her daughter is a spoiled ranting and raving brat...I've got three dogs...and although I keep a neat home..there are times that you can write your name in the dust on top of my refrigerator...LOL!!

I knew it wouldn't fly so in the kindest way possible, I told her "No." When she asked why..I simply told her that it just simply wouldn't work.

Thank God I stood my ground..she lived with her parents for a month while..when her parents were out..she was reorganizing their home....dusting the place and complaining about what a pig her mom was...complained that she could smell mold in the corners, etc.

Can't imagine how our friendship would have suffered had she lived here!!

My daughter is in the ...

My daughter is in the Phoenix, Az area.

How did the job pan out? I sure hope you got it. I worked 3 part-time jobs when my oldest was a baby. It worked out GREAT, better than a full time job did for me at the time. It was easier with the daycare closing time (5pm which was also the same time as full time).

You sound much happier. I am so happy for you. Keep us updated please.

I had a friend move in ...

I had a friend move in with me and it did not go well. He down and out and at the time there were plenty of jobs but he could not figure out what he wanted to do. Finally I just had to ask him to move out. I suggest you get out before it ruins you friendship.

As far as the jobs go start networking with people a lot of times companies don't posts there jobs.

As far as the temps go yep that is the way it is going to be for now on. Much cheaper to higher a temp and not have to pay all that SS and Workers comp. Especially if that card check goes through you will see companies higher only temps.

I've read that you can ...

I've read that you can land jobs using myspace and facebook.

Hey snowbunnie try ...

Hey snowbunnie try www.usajobs.com

it's true with the temp ...

it's true with the temp service thing. it's like that where I work too. I got in just in time before they stopped hiring from the outside. the last time they hired anyone off the street was BEFORE the holidays last year! since then if any openings came available, HR just uses temp services and because turnover is high in certain depts. anyway. so when people come asking for apps I tell them to go to the temp agency.

Temp agencies are great ...

Temp agencies are great but seems like you work a job..complete it well...and they never call you again. Being unemployed myself...I have applied for jobs 50 miles from one side to the other and have gotten replies..when all of a sudden..my car started taking a crap. New radiator cost me enough..and then they told me that my head gasket might be going...so it puts me in a tough place being that I wouldn't mind driving an hour or so to work..but my car...I think it's a no go!!


I was just thinking about ...

I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how your move went, etc...

Sorry to hear about your roomates issue. Living with friends is hard.

Glad you made it safe. Good luck with the job hunt. My daughter is in the same boat as you.

I'm trying to live life by ...

I'm trying to live life by life's terms now. I know so many of my friends that do and although they're not "rich and famous" they sure are happy.

I think that's the deal with my life lately. My friend has been a crazy hormonal person, she has given HER OWN DOG a week to stay in the house, and me a week and a half. Pretty sad!!

Luckily, when I need things to happen they did. I put an ad on craigslist with my situation and an ANGEL came through with a great room in a good house for cheap. He doesn't advertise his room, he only looks for people that need help.

Had an interview yesterday which went well - but it's just part time on the weekends. Have a phone interview tomorrow morning, I'm hoping that goes well because it's a full time gig. I would have to move a few hours away (and twice in a week), but I would rather do that then not have anything (or just a part time gig).

I'm feeling better about things - I'm starting to see that I can live life by life's terms. It's like Ghandi said "The earth has enough for every mans need, but not every mans greed" - and that's how I'm trying to live. I gave up a high paying job where I did basically nothing because I didn't need it. It was greedy for me to be there making that. I just want to survive - I think I'll have a better appreciation for life when I'm just making it.

WA - where's your daughter at?? I hope she gets all she needs. Tell her to just pray and have some faith. That's what I've been doing. I spent more time praying this last week then ever before in my life!!