Pop-up ads, viruses, and any other thing that's not supposed to be there...


I am SO sick and tired of these f^cking pop-up ads. I'm poking around on failblog this morning and an ad comes up completely blocking my from click on the next tab. I couldn't close that ad because a SECOND ad was covering the X. And that 2nd ad didn't have an X to close it. GRR!!! So I had to refresh the page. After a few minutes of checking out that tab I went to click on another one and the same thing happened. WTF!?

Now I've been getting that popup that says I have a virus. No matter what I click (Run, Cancel, or the X in the corner) it brings up "my documents" and begins running it's "virus scan." So I have to quickly X out of it. I tried running a virus scan but it keeps telling me I have a scan in the process and won't run a new one. So I have to get ahold of IT again to see if I have a virus and how to get rid of it. GRR!!!!

Why can't people scam each other in an old school fashion way? Why must they hack computers? For crying out loud...dig through the garbage and get your info like a real scammer and quit f^cking up my computer!


I hate em too! and "scam ...

I hate em too! and "scam in the old fashioned way"?! LOL!!!

Sorry, but if you're ...

Sorry, but if you're getting popups, especially the ones that say you have a virus, you've been infected very badly. The one that says you have the virus is one that you got a while ago, and it's just now delivering it's payload. The bad news is that it blocks AntiVirus software from working. You have to manually remove it first, then you have to reinstall your AV, and run a full clean. AFter that, you need to update your Operatiing system.

If you don't do this, then you run some serious risks. First is that your pc/laptop will be hosed so bad that you'll have to take it somewhere to fix it. The worst is that this has a payload with a keylogger. This means that it logs everything you type including passwords, user id's, bank number, credit card numbers, etc.. and phones them home to mama.

I work in IT and I see this every day. If you use AVG free as your AV, then you need to get another AV because it will not catch this. I got Microsoft security essentials in it's beta form. I believe it's now in GA, and I do know that it's free. It caught 5 or 6 other things that AVG and Norton missed.

Good luck

Sounds like you got the ...

Sounds like you got the Personal "Anti-Virus" 2009 infection, if you do I'd advise you to just reformat the machine. Its malware designed to look like a anti-virus sweet, it looks like real programs and thats why many are fooled by it.

GSG is right there are tools that could clean it but they can take forever to find and to implement and may not completely remove the virus. Reformatting is the only to make sure that you get it all off your machine. Once you're back up and running select all new passwords and let your bank know that your account may have been compromised. I would also advise you to scan any backed up files before reinstalling them as a precaution.

My sister had this I tried a few of the removal tools which didn't work, so we just wiped everything, reset all of her passwords, and her bank will be monitoring her debit account to any unusual activity. It turned out to be less of a pain then using the removal tools.

The problem with Anti-virus suites is that there is no one of that will pick every infection out there. AVG, Norton (I hate Norton, too much bloat), and the new Microsoft program will miss something that another program will find. I like AVG it does a pretty good job and its free!