Last week


Well, it's my last week in Alaska. I'm thinking of all the things I'll miss, and all the things I won't miss. The good times and the bad. And although there are a few things I'd change, I guess I really wouldn't cause then things would be different now.

This non-stop rain is making it easy to leave too. As well as these cold temps that followed our 80+ heat wave... oh yeah that WAS nice..


Good luck with your move ...

Good luck with your move and job hunting.

Are you sure you are not ...

Are you sure you are not leaving because Palin quit.

where are u going again?

where are u going again?

Hurrah! I hope everything ...

Hurrah! I hope everything works out for you.

Ditto, Dawn. I forget where you said you're moving to.

Good luck in Nevada ...

Good luck in Nevada (wasn't it Reno)?

I am sooo sad to see you leave ALaska. I was able to live vicariously (sp) in Alaska through you. One of these days I really hope to at least visit there. I will miss all your beautiful photos of the landscape.

Look forward to new photos of your trip back to the lower states. Have a safe trip!