Things just got real interesting folks. It is going to get nasty.


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Breaking: Major has orders recinded, Questioning Obama


The guy who is suing is ...

The guy who is suing is NOT going to be real popular in the barracks

I've met Cambridge Mass. ...

I've met Cambridge Mass. police. They are among the worst bigot assholes on the planet.

You are the cop, going to a house that you are told is being broken into BY TWO BLACK MEN, then you are told that it is the owner who is entering his own house. Later, you even put that In Your REPORT! But you insist that this frustrated homeowner, just back from a long trip away and at first unable to enter because the lock froze up, you INSIST that he come out of his home AND when he requires your name and badge number you REFUSE. That upsets him so he is not going to exit his house. He just got back from a long trip away, is tired, had a tough time getting in and now you, who REFUSE to identify your self Demand that he come from within his safe confines of his private home where he has done NOTHING wrong and you want him to go out there with you, a stranger who is too cowardly to identify himself OR up to no good and that is why you refuse to simply give your name.


And people think there's some grand conspiracy among ALL of the legitimate news organizations (I have been told this, they say it with a straight face too) to hide things like the fact that they officer knew it was the man's home before he pursued him INSIDE and UNINVITED. That is a violation of the law. Our constitution gives us the right to unlawful entry, search and seizure. That cop can say he taught anti bigot classes all he wants, he failed at resuscitating a black sports star too, Big fucking woop dee doo. He is also the one who is trying to claim this most highly esteemed scholar went all postal on him and we are talking about a middle aged man here who uses a CANE! I am so sure that being a homeowner in your OWN HOME constitutes a crime that deserves being removed from it, by force if necessary, and arrested, shackled and taken to a cage to be removed from society where you were such a menace. I am so sure of that and so sure that there is no racism in (gasp) of all places, Boston - and if you believe that I have some oceanfront property in South Dakota that I'd love to sell ya.

I think you're responding ...

I think you're responding to a different post?

Funny. My take in no ...


My take in no particular order:

1. This professor must not be able to read, an officers' badge usually has the number right on it with a name tag with his name as well. If you're yelling and screaming at me you're not getting my name either, no matter what job I'm working.

2. The professor was uncooperative towards the officer the entire process. Call me crazy but I'd be grateful that the police showed up investigate a possible break in to my home. Secondly, If I'm as tired as this attention whore was, I'd cooperate just so I could get on with my evening. I certainly wouldn't embarass myself by throwing a hissy fit on the porch.

3. The evidence certainly points to the fact the officer is not a racist. There is nothing in his past to indicate any racist actions in his part, in fact he was chosen by BLACK officers to lead a diversity class. We're not talking about some southern redneck hick, this officer is clearly articulate and probably well educated, so the professor's claim of racism are baseless and frivilous.

4. The officer in question did his job as he was supposed to do it, he responded to a possible break in call, it turned out to be an uncooperative homeowner who choose to make a scene. I will further say that the racism likely came from the professor, I'm willing to bet a few racial slurs were made against him.

5. "like the fact that they officer knew it was the man

LMAO see how TGIX just ...

LMAO see how TGIX just totally changed the subject because he fears that Soldier is right. Nothing is more telling that TGIX is fearful is when he totally changes the subject.

Smell the fear baby.

But lets go a bit further. ...

But lets go a bit further. If a white person performs CPR on a black person and the black person dies then the white person is a racists. According to the logic of TGIX.

Personally, I think MOST ...

Personally, I think MOST cops are Grade-A, Top of the Line A--Holes. But then the harvard professor came off as an arrogant, overbearing prick also....

Despite how ,many times I ...

Despite how ,many times I have been pulled over FOR NO REASON by the police ('Sir, I pulled you over for speeding' 'No, Officer, I was NOT speeding.' You weren't? My apologies, by the way, do you have any drugs or guns in the car? Mind if I search?') I feel I had the 'pleasure' of running into the WORST of the bunch! Most police officers ARE

class A, #1 and deserve ...

class A, #1 and deserve respect for the dangerous job they do! But remember, it only takes a 'few' bad apples to spoil the barrel, so to speak.

Now, about THIS incident, doesn't a police officer have the RESPONSIBILITY to completely check out a call? What if he didn't and there WAS an ACTUAL burglary in progress? Would we now be talking about a police officer that did nothing BECAUSE he was a racist? Or that the Cambridge PD is made up of LAPD RAMPART division rejects? LOL, we would and shame on us for ONLY 'wanting' the worst of people instead of 'rejoicing' over 'good' news about an officer actually DOING his job and FOLLOWING his job description protocols!

Anyway, shame on YOU TGIX for #1- CHANGING the subject to fit YOUR agenda, and #2 - showing, once again, how BIASED and BIGOTED YOU are!
So refreshing!!!