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Enough is enough!! | MyPetPeeves.com

Enough is enough!!


As you all know I'm in phone tech support.

There HAS to be a line drawn as to how the rep on the phone is treated

It TOTALLY amazes me how a customer feels that they have carte blanche in what ever way they can treat you over the phone because they don't see you face to face. Any wager that if the same incident was done face to face, it would be handled alot differently. Even worse, when the company you work for expects you to take the crap dished out, and disciplines you if you have absolutely no recourse but to hang up on an abusive customer.

Companies MUST learn that while the customer does in fact keep them alive, the employees that work for the company ARE human and not robots. Companies that have front line staff should have better rules as to what is defined as abuse of an employee both from the customer AND employer status.

Things NEED to change. Let's get some civility back into this game here instead of acting like a bunch of uncivilized animals. While I understand people have reason to be upset, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why someone should get abusive on the phone ESPECIALLY when it was NOT THAT REPS FAULT.


I could not agree ...

I could not agree more.

At the very least, we in the service industry should be permitted to give the same crap back to the abusive clientelle. Their demeanor would change overnight.

On the other hand, as the Chinese character for the word catastrophe is also the identical one that represents "opportunity", how about thanking them for reminding you how delightful it is to help each and every one of your callers. The fact is you probably will have helped that P.O.S. to at least tone it down a notch or so towards yourself and even others. I've heard the approach described as "kill them with kindness" and have seen how amazingly effective it usually is.

I have worked in customer ...

I have worked in customer support also..and while telling the CSR my issue..I ALSO apologize to them because it's not their fault what upper management decides..they're just the ones that have to take it on the chin~!!

I'm sure they talk about the issues they hear about on their breaks..but what they can do about it is a different story.

Bless those CSR's sweet hearts!!

I worked at Sears Credit ...

I worked at Sears Credit in cust svc for 2 yrs and that was 2 yrs too much for me. I was in my early twenties and one call I remember actually had me to the point of TEARS! I left that job without even a 2 wk notice!

funny I had to call xm ...

funny I had to call xm radio TWICE today for some horrible screwed up service today. and I made sure to tell the person that I wasn't being mean to them I was just mad and telling my story for the 3rd time which was aggravating.

A couple of years back I ...

A couple of years back I was helping someone over the phone. His comment to his friend was 'this one's a real winner' I said 'I HEARD THAT' I didn't care, I ragged him right out big time, of course, no swearing.

What's even worse is the total lack of support you get from the company you work for. You're basically expected to deal with THEIR mistakes

TGIX, you are so bang ...

TGIX, you are so bang on.

Ha, in my company, if voices or 'tone of voice' goes above a certain level, a manager is usually right over reading you the riot act.

One can only wish

We had this problem at ...

We had this problem at work, we asked for a meeting with management to resolve the issue. Our new rule is that if the caller gets out of line he or she gets two verbal warnings, if the caller is still nasty then we have a right to politely disconnect the call or send the call to another operator. If a physical threat is made then we can immediatley disconnect and report the call to a manager so the call recording can be pulled for review.

I work for a smaller company so they're a bit more responsive, not sure if asking for a meeting on this would work with you. I personally deal quite well with the upset customers, since my co-workers (thanks alot ladies) seem to send their unsurly customers to me. I make a game out of it, I try to be annoyingly nice to them, they either mellow out or just hang up! LOL

My other thing is the way ...

My other thing is the way these people come on the line.

Oh my God if these people heard themselves. I would love so much to record these calls and send them back to their respective answering machines. Do you people actually exist?? Obviously as I appear to be talking to you.

As for my company, the customer IS always right. Used to be we had a 3 strikes rule for verbal abuse by a customer. Now they are so concerned about saving customer, staff are expendable